Family Law

PSUK accepts instructions in family law cases from local authorities and solicitors. All of our associates are qualified to carry out assessments with adult parents and some are able to undertake more specialist assessments of children, adolescents or whole family groups. We also have clinical psychologists available to undertake neuropsychological assessments.

As a team, we work closely to develop and maintain vital skills in this important and sensitive area of work, such as empathy, compassion and the ability to listen and reflect. However, we are also acutely aware of risk and the important role that forensic and clinical psychologists can offer in ensuring the safety of vulnerable family members. Our parent / family assessments will always be carried out using an evidence-based framework. We recognise the benefits of a multidisciplinary approach when working with vulnerable families and will always strive to develop positive working relationships with our colleagues from other disciplines. We are fully compliant with GDPR and adhere to a comprehensive policy document.

The list below provides examples of the types of cases that we can help with:

  • Assessment of capacity to understand and engage in family court proceedings
  • Broader assessment of capacity and the impact of any learning disability / difficulties on parental capacity
  • Assessment of a parent's capacity to protect a child from harm
  • Assessment of Personality Disorder and the impact of any diagnosis on parental capacity
  • Assessment of parental risk in relation to violence, sexual abuse and intimate partner abuse
  • Assessment of parental anger, the impact of poor emotion management on parental capacity and the risk of harm to vulnerable family members
  • Assessment of substance misuse risk and the impact of this on parental capacity
  • Assessment of attachment (parents and children)
  • Neuropsychological assessments of family members