Becky Campbell CPsychol AfBPSs EuroPsy

Becky is an experienced Chartered and HCPC registered Forensic Psychologist. She is an Associate Fellow of the BPS and is accredited with *EuroPsy. She has a breadth of experience with a range of client groups and presenting needs and risks and criminal justice environments. Her areas of speciality and interest include a focus on formulation and collaborative case work in understanding presenting risk and needs.

Her experience includes over 12 years working within HMPPS, working extensively with young offenders, adult male and female clients. The range of work she engaged with during this time included completing risk assessments for both the safe management of offenders, treatment requirements as well as formal reports for the Parole Board. Additionally, she both facilitated and provided clinical oversight for accredited offending behaviour programmes as well as tailoring individual interventions for clients with more complex concerns or responsivity needs. Becky also sat on Senior Management Teams and provided psychological knowledge and support to Prison Management teams, regarding public protection, violence reduction and suicide prevention.

Becky worked for over 4 years within a secure psychiatric hospital, providing psychological intervention and treatment, assessment and consultation for clients with a range of complex mental health and forensic needs and neurodevelopmental disorders. Her client groups ranged from children and adolescents to adult male and females with both neurodevelopmental disorders and intellectual disabilities. She also provided ward level staff support and reflective practice as well as supervision and support to nursing colleagues, assistant psychologists and junior psychiatrists.

Becky has experience of working abroad and developing cultural sensitivity with regards to assessment and intervention; having provided psychological services to the Bermuda Department of Corrections. In this role, she provided a wide range of assessment and intervention to clients with a range of forensic risks as well as providing training to staff and consultation and support to other Government agencies regarding clients and risks. This included the Parole Board of Bermuda, Ministry of National Security, Court Services (probation) and the Courts of Bermuda.

*EuroPsy - is the European Certificate in Psychology - accredited in the UK by the BPS.