Carleen Saffrey BSc (Hons), MSc, C.Psychol

Carleen holds a BSc (Hons) in Psychology with Criminology, an MSc in Forensic Psychology and a Doctorate level qualification in Forensic Psychology, awarded by The British Psychological Society.

Carleen has 15 years of experience working in HMPPS in the Forensic Psychology field, assessing and treating individuals from various prison populations (young people, adolescents, adults) and providing specialist forensic psychological advice, guidance and consultation to other senior and junior professionals (including the police, probation, senior prison management). She has also line managed and supervised staff and led on various research and policy projects.

Carleen has been frequently called upon for her knowledge in sexual offending. She is experienced in delivering and treatment managing Sexual Offender Treatment Programmes and risk assessing individuals with sexual convictions. She has also nationally trained senior and junior prison and probation staff to work and with the same client group and is a national trainer for static risk assessment tools (e.g. RM2000).

Carleen has a wealth of experience managing complex cases involving individuals with a variety of personality structures, assessing cognitive functioning and conducting psychological risk assessments on general violence, sexual violence and domestic violence. She has also completed professional witness training and prepared evidence for the Parole Board on many occasions since 2008. She has also been commissioned by HMPPS to devise and provide training packages and policies to assist psychologists with writing psychological risk assessment reports.

Carleen works responsively and collaboratively with clients to deliver therapeutic management based on in-depth assessments, to carve out tailored therapeutic pathways, 1:1 intervention strategies and effective treatments. Carleen is skilled at remaining flexible, whilst switching psychological approaches as each circumstance dictates.

Carleen has an interest in exploring Diversity and Inclusion within the Criminal Justice System, which has underpinned some of her previous research projects and underpins the current research area she is exploring, which will be aligned with recommendations from the Lammy Review and related reports.