Dr Cory Walters-Wright

Dr Cory Walters-Wright is a Highly Specialist Forensic Psychologist working within the NHS. He currently clinically leads two psychological services which requires him to over-see the psychological provision of these services across two London prisons. Additionally, Dr Walters-Wright is a Senior Lecturer on a MSc Forensic Psychology course.

Dr Walters-Wright has worked in a full range of clinical settings, from assertive outreach projects in the community, Medium Secure hospitals, to long term high secure prisons. Additionally, he has worked with a range of clinical presentations such as 'personality disorders', intellectual disabilities/ASD, and psychosis. Currently, he is working within a service that utilising the trauma informed service model.

Dr Walters-Wright has significant experience of working in diverse cultural contexts; he has used a multi-cultural framework to think about difference, power and social inequalities. This has led to him being one of the leading consultants regarding these issues for professionals, service users and systems within the criminal justice system. As a consequence, he has worked on some of the biggest project in country surrounding diversity including more recently reviewing the Racial Equality Act as a part of a Labour Government taskforce.

Dr Walters-Wright provides expert assessments and opinion on offending, violence, personality disorder, sexual offending, domestic violence, fire-setting, substance misuse, neurocognitive functioning, mental health, autism, learning disability, trauma, suggestibility, malingering and parental capacity.