Joanna Slinn BSc (Hons), MSc, C.Psychol

Joanna graduated from the University of Nottingham in 1998 with a BSc in Psychology. Joanna gained employment with HM Prison Service as an assistant psychologist in 2001 and soon after this became a Forensic Psychologist in training. Joanna completed her MSc in Forensic Psychology in 2004 at the University of Kent whilst continuing to work for HMPS.

In 2007, Joanna joined the Northern Ireland Prison Service and was based mainly within a high security prison. Within her roles in HMPS and NIPS, Joanna has developed her skills in relation to the assessment and treatment of violent and sexual offenders. Joanna is trained in the delivery and treatment management of a number of offending behaviour programmes such as ETS, SOTP and the Cognitive Self Change (CSC) Programme for violent offenders. Since early 2016 Joanna has joined a team of clinical and forensic psychologists at a Medium Secure unit and provides a consultancy role to a Learning Disability and Autism service. In this role she has developed her skills in delivering individually tailored interventions, as well as the assessment of cognitive functioning and autism spectrum disorder.

Joanna is trained in the administration and interpretation of a range of Psychological Assessment tools for use with adult populations. She is experienced in the delivery of group and individual interventions and has delivered staff training in the areas of motivational interviewing and personality disorder.

Joanna is an HCPC Registered Forensic Psychologist and has been awarded Chartership with the British Psychological Society.