Marc Kozlowski C.Psychol AFBPsS RAPPS

Marc has been Head of (forensic) Psychology at four UK prisons, two in England and two in Scotland. In 2018 he became an Associate Professor in Forensic Psychology at Edinburgh Napier University, where he is currently the Head of Psychology.

Marc has been involved in the risk assessment, risk management, and treatment of offenders since 2003. During that time he has worked directly with juvenile (aged 15-17) male offenders, adult male offenders, and adult female offenders. Marc has worked extensively with male and female perpetrators of all types of serious violence, with male perpetrators of intimate partner violence, and with male sex offenders. He has overseen and has been involved in the delivery of accredited treatment programmes for intimate partner violence, for sexual offending, for serious general violence, and for addiction-related offending. Marc has also developed and delivered individualised offending behaviour interventions for people who were unable to access group-based programmes. While Head of Interventions and Psychology at HMP Erlestoke, Marc led on the building of a new residential treatment unit that specialised in treating intimate partner violence and addiction-related offending.

Marc has a special interest in offenders who have attracted a diagnosis of personality disorder. In addition to assessing these individuals and advising on their management, Marc has also developed training courses for criminal justice staff of all professions in how to manage challenging offenders, while keeping themselves safe and well. This training has been rolled out to criminal justice staff across Scotland, and in some English prisons. While in the Scottish Prison Service, Marc was the Heads of Psychology national lead on managing personality disordered offenders.

While at Edinburgh Napier University, Marc has developed a new Master’s programme in Applied Forensic Psychology. This programme focuses on the real-world skills and knowledge that are required of forensic psychologists working in prisons, and is designed to prepare students to arrive in the workplace ready to deliver meaningful work, and aware of the opportunities and challenges that they will be facing.