Dr Michelle Carr BSc (Hons), MSc, DForenPsych, C.Psychol, EuroPsych, CSci

Michelle is a registered Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC) psychologist and a chartered forensic psychologist with the British Psychological Society (BPS) as well as a member of the Division of Forensic Psychology. Michelle has over nine years' experience of working with mentally disordered offenders across security levels for the NHS, HM Prison Service and the private sector. She has cross cultural experience of psychological application in forensic settings owing to 18 months working with the Department of Corrections in New Zealand; providing assessment and treatment of high risk offenders in prison and probation.

Michelle has experience of delivering offending behaviour programmes, specifically violence and arson, and of constructing individually tailored treatment programmes for individuals presenting with complex presentations. She is skilled in the administration and interpretation of several risk and cognitive assessments and is a member of the register of qualifications in test use (RQTU; forensic and occupational). In addition, to this she has published papers on psychometric validity and applicability to women.

Michelle has facilitated workshops and presentations in the UK and New Zealand highlighting and reinforcing trauma informed approaches when working with youth and women. Michelle specialises in the psychological assessment and treatment of women presenting with complex trauma and personality disorder. Of note Michelle worked within a specialist personality disorder service as part of an Offender Personality Disorder Programme and whilst working with this service she received a NEPACS award for innovation and led a steering group which culminated in the setup of a recovery college in a regional medium secure unit.

Michelle has written clinical reports for MAPPA, court, parole, CPA and has provided assessments for suitability for transfer into low secure care. She has also provided oral evidence at mental health review tribunals. Michelle has experience of training staff in the care, support and treatment of women offenders, personality disorder and psychopathy and is an HCR-20 risk assessment trainer. She has contributed to the development and facilitation of lectures for MSc, DForenPsych, DClinPsych and MRCPSych courses in England and Scotland. She is a member of the register of applied psychology practice supervisors (RAPPS) and has facilitated clinical supervision for trainee clinical and forensic psychologists. Alongside her work with PSUK she works as the lead psychologist for a twenty bedded, forensic, low secure women's service.