Noreen Shami BSc MSc C.Psychol

Noreen is a Chartered member of the British Psychological Society and is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).

Noreen specialises in forensic psychology and mental health, and has worked with offenders and people with mental health difficulties, for 14 years, in a wide range of forensic and mental health settings. This has included employment with the Prison Service, Youth Offending Service, NHS, private psychiatric hospitals and locum contracts. Noreen has extensive experience in both secure settings and in the community, with adults and adolescents and children. Noreen is skilled in the administration and interpretation of numerous psychological assessment both for the family and criminal courts. She also has experience of providing written and oral evidence for CPA's and mental health review tribunals.

Noreen has worked in rehab, low and medium secure psychiatric units for adults and adolescents. In her work within secure settings, she has assessed, planned and delivered psychological interventions for offenders with personality disorders, drug and alcohol addictions, psychopathy, violence and aggressive behaviours, fire-setting behaviours, sexual offending and self-harm and suicidal behaviours. Noreen has significant experience in the assessment of individuals in prison and secure hospitals as well as the community. She also has significant experience in designing and implementing individual and group therapy in the areas of offending behaviour.

Noreen has a significant amount of experience working with children and young people. Her work with young people includes working in prisons, youth offending teams, CAMHS and low and medium secure psychiatric services with children and young people up to the age of 18. She is trained to use assessments specific to young people such as the AIM 2 (to assess sexually harmful behaviours), SAVRY (to assess risk of violence), WISC (cognitive functioning) and BADS for executive functioning.

Noreen has designed and delivered training on personality disorder, how to work with challenging behaviour, self-harm and suicide, mental health amongst young offenders and working with anger. A particular passion of Noreen's has been working with offenders who experience command hallucinations (voices which tell them to harm themselves or others). As a result of her work with female offenders, who had diagnoses of Borderline Personality Disorder and reported frequent and intense command hallucinations, she designed 'cognitive therapy for command hallucinations', which was delivered in groups and individually. She also devised training for other professionals in this area and presented research titled 'The presence and content of Command hallucinations amongst female offenders diagnosed with BPD' at the Division of Forensic Psychology Conference 2008. Noreen is currently in the process of completing the Cardiff Law School Expert Witness Qualification.