Terri-Anne Smith BSc (Hons) MSc C.Psychol

After graduating from the University of Kent in Canterbury with a First Class Hons degree in Psychology, Terri-Anne went on to become employed as an Interventions Facilitator within the Prison Service. Whilst undertaking this role, Terri-Anne began and completed her MSc at Coventry University studying Forensic Psychology. Before becoming a Forensic Psychologist in Training, Terri-Anne worked as a Treatment Manager for the Interventions team within the National Probation Service. These roles provided Terri-Anne with extensive experience over five years of facilitating, supervising and treatment managing interventions such as TSP, SOTP, BNM, IDAP, BBR, and RESOLVE. She has knowledge of providing intervention and risk assessment for clients with sexual offences, violent and acquisitive offences, and those who have perpetrated intimate partner violence.

As a Forensic Psychologist in Training, Terri-Anne worked exclusively with individuals who had committed sexual offences, but who often had histories of general violence, IPV, substance misuse and acquisitive offending. In this role, Terri-Anne would also assess personality, intellectual functioning and complete risk assessments for the Parole Board. She is trained in Millon IV, IPDE, PCL-R, RSVP, SARA, HCR-20, WAIS-IV, PNA and has experience of using the SAPROF. Terri-Anne is also a trained Restorative Justice Facilitator and co-led the implementation of Restorative approaches in a Prison setting. She is a strong advocate for Restorative Justice and Procedural Justice.

Terri-Anne moved to a secure Hospital setting in 2019 where she completed her training and took a post as a Qualified Psychologist. This role involves providing individualised and group intervention for a forensic male cohort; all of whom have been diagnosed with a Mental Disorder; and working as part of an MDT to provide risk informed care and resettlement opportunities. In this role, Terri-Anne extended her knowledge and experience through working with clients suffering from mental illness. Terri-Anne has extensive experience and interest in the fields of sexual offending and intimate partner violence. Her growing appreciation for the role of trauma in the development of personality disorder and mental illness, manifesting in offending, has influenced her leading on the development of an innovative new intervention within her current service which combines a rehabilitative and trauma informed environment alongside a group intervention, combining CFT, Schema Therapy, DBT and MBT.