Prison Law

The majority of our instructions come from our contracts with HMPPS, G4S and Sodexo Justice Services. However, we will also take instructions from prison law firms. Our clients can expect to be provided with professional, high quality, evidence-based psychological assessment reports, which offer an opinion on the nature and level of an individual's risk, as well as identifying individualised and realistic recommendations relating to progression and risk management. Our associates all strive to develop a positive therapeutic alliance with the men and women they work with and endeavour at all times to conduct assessment interviews in a safe and supportive manner. We are fully compliant with GDPR and adhere to a comprehensive policy document.

The list below provides examples of the types of cases that we can help with, along with the assessments that we apply to inform our conclusions and recommendations within reports:

  • Violent offending (HCR-20 v3 / VRS)
  • Domestic violence (SARA v3) / Stalking
  • Substance misuse
  • Cognitive functioning (WAIS IV / WASI / TONI / WMS)
  • Executive functioning (BADS)
  • Personality disorder (IPDE / MCMI IV)
  • Psychopathy (PCL-r)
  • Adult ADHD
  • Juvenile / young offending (SAVRY / ERASOR)
  • Assessment of protective factors (SAPROF)
  • Autism (ADOS)
  • Assessment of Fire Setting Risk
  • Recommendation for specific prison / community offending behaviour programmes
  • Assessment for risk of extremism
  • Neuropsychological assessment